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I tried to resist these magic Scottish fairies for so long but it is impossible. Their beats and vocals are too catchy and now they've gone and covered one of the most epic Justin Timberlake songs of all time. I will have this and the original on loop for probably the rest of this month.
Now my question: America where is our BBC Radio 1?!
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How could you not love chvrches from the start?!!!
I love BBC1 Live Lounge covers too. I think my favorite is when Marina & The Diamonds covered a 3OH!3 song and made it sound compleeeetely different.
@danidee I just went and looked it up....and lost almost an hour of my day to love lounge videos hahaha
@galinda I'm right there with you. I get totally sucked into BBC1 Live Lounge videos. I think they've released a few compilations worth of live covers actually.
Timberlake is God. And this cover is amazing! Thank you for posting