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Best of #WhatIsLovein4Words
Twitter knows what love is. And these tweets prove it. I can't help by think love is "someone who feeds me," though, haha! Which of these best match your perception of what love is? Share in the comments!!
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Too cute!
2 years ago·Reply
@onesmile all the food ones are so romantic to me. "have the last donut." "pizza and more pizza" lol that's how you can get after my heart!
2 years ago·Reply
"Have the first breadstick" Ha ha ha ha that's a keeper there.
2 years ago·Reply
I think I would write "I washed the dishes."
2 years ago·Reply
@Spudsy2061 Seriously!! There's nothing like that kind of dedication to love :P @danidee And you'd be my favorite person ever. My dishes totally need done right now.
2 years ago·Reply