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When it comes to getting rid of dark circles, the first thing that comes to mind is using a concealer to cover it up. However, using color-correctors can sometimes work better than concealers because instead of “concealing” the problem area (eg. dark under eye circles), color-correctors “neutralize" the black/blue/purple hues. This technique is meant to be used underneath your normal makeup. In order to not appear cakey you have to use it sparingly.
The easiest way to find the perfect color-correct to neutralize your problem area is using the color wheel. Basically, colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel will cancel each other out. For instance, green cancels out red, yellow cancels out purple, and peachy beige cancels out blue. Refer to the video by Chiutips for a quick demonstration on concealing dark circles.
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I always walk pass the section where they sell green color concealer but I'm hesitant to try. I stick to the normal beige concealer for under the eyes.
I don't remember the last time I looked at a color wheel. Really useful tip!
I need to try this out. I have the worst dark eye circles and simple concealer really doesn't cut it.
Does it work on black skin
I really like to know what brand is the concealer.