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Humidity and windy days always bring the best out of your hair. Here a quick solutions to beat fly aways and static hair.
1. Dryer sheets are your best friend
Carry a folded-up dryer sheet in your bag. Pull it out, smooth it over your hair, and boom! No more static. Another plus, you can use it on your staticky clothes and tights. ;)
2. Use your lotion
Squeeze about a dime-size of any hand lotion into your palms . Smooth your newly moisturized hands over your hair and kiss static goodbye. In order to avoid making your hair oily work more of the lotion into your hands before running through your hair.
3. Lukewarm water rinse + air dry
Hot water tend to dry out your hair, thus creating more static. In addition, using a hairdryer can make the situation worst. The key is to keep your hair electric-free! When washing and conditioning, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and try to let it air-dry.
the fabric sheet plus a spray of water is my morning routine when I' m running late in the morning especially when a bird nest is resting upon my head
This couldn't have come at a more perfect time. My hair has been full of static lately. Even my hairdresser made a comment about it when she was styling it after a cut. I might try that first one. Here's to hoping I don't start smelling like Bounty!
I love keeping 2-3 fabric sheet in my purse during winter for a quick touch up and it also gives my purse a nice scent.
@stargaze my hair would spring up when its not its sprayed maybe due to swimming too much :((
@missophiestick a spray of regular water? Does it liven up the strands?
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