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Did you know most cosmetic product shell life is one year? Using expired cosmetics can spoil your skin such as acne, permanent spots, patchiness of skin and various skin-related issues. If you feel like it's a waste to toss out your makeup here are five awesome ways to reuse it without causing your skin any harm!

1. Use it as art supplies!

Using expired cosmetics as art supplies is a great idea. This card can prove nail polish and mascara could make a landscape masterpiece! In addition, you can also use nail polish to make marble artwork. Expired eye shadow palettes, plain or glitter ones, can be used as watercolours.

2. Make your own nail colour.

One of the easiest and frugal way to make glitter nail colour is to take crushed expired eye shadow and add it to plain or light coloured polishes. Have fun with it! mix and match and invent cool new shades.

3. Make your own face chart.

Ever want to try out a new makeup but don't want to do it our your face? Try different makeup looks on your face charts, using the expired cosmetics. You will discover what combinations suit you, and also learn new makeup ideas that you can practice on the face charts first, and then use it like a pro on your face later. Grab a face chart from Mac or print it out yourself.

4. Use perfumes as room fresheners.

Don't want your expensive perfume go to waste? Take a beautiful ceramic, glass bowl or container put some artificial flowers in it and spray some of your expired perfume on them. The ‘perfume flower-bowl’ will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room, but also serve as a brilliant room freshener. Tip: You can also make your own potpourri for the restroom!
I'm totally stealing the glitter polish tip!
Make-up as art supplies are always fun!
I usually use all my cosmetic supplies before they expire (cause I don't have much), but I love the idea of face chart. I would try that for inspiration! :)
I hate it when I realize I've had my mascara too long. I cringe at putting it on my eyes. But I do it anyway. :(
@madeleine That's also one of my favorite. Try mixing different glitter and colors for an interesting effect!