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At the end of a long day - 4 photo shoots back-to-back - head shot sessions with a group of actors/actresses - I was enjoying the antics of stage actor Mr. Ezra Ells - a young man with a quick wit and lively sense of humor. He was playing with a pair of glasses brought by one of the actresses - putting them on and making "Angry Asian Librarian" faces. All of this was off camera. I was struck with some inspiration - why not have the young lady who actually owns the glasses sit on the floor below Ezra and be his hands in the shots I was about to shoot? They agreed and the resulting images are odd, funny, and just not right. Ezra embraced the role with full abandon and the young lady - an actress named Morgan - had a lot of fun doing odd and silly things with her hands and watching Ezra's response. He stayed in character - it was like watching a skit from "Whose Line Is It Anyway". I like this photo the most. The fact that you can't hide that this can't possibly be his hand - the skin color is wrong, the fingers are quite small for a man his size, there's fingernail polish on all of the fingers... Plus those are clearly women's glasses. It's just a funny photo to me. Probably not something Ezra will put in his portfolio - but then again - he just might. He's a great actor. He's been in 7 dramatic plays back-to-back. I think he is missing his true calling; he's a comedic actor through and through. As for working with models to make them feel confident and trust you and your vision - your inspiration for whatever photos you are shooting - the key is always communication. Trust comes from communication and sincerity. I try to form positive, open relationships with any model I work with. To me the best portraits are not posed - they are real moments which are captured by learning (listening to and understanding) your subject.
I actually assumed that this was photoshop trickery. Pleasantly surprised that this was the work for real people doing real things and not a computer generated romp.
It took me a minute but that was a hilarious find!
The first thing I notice was the nail polish and the entire hand.