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Throughout the history of photography we have seen over and over again the themes of intimacy and family. Photographer Sophie Barbasch turns her camera to her family and examines the complexities of family dynamics, giving the viewer a beautiful yet bittersweet critique on unconditional love, the struggles to maintain appearances, and the difficulties remaining close.
That's not all you will notice in this work. Sophie creates this touching narrative while following the men in her life. Embraced with a hushed sadness, the characters in her work explore their relationships with each other, and contemplate what it means to be alone.
Here is what Sophie writes about her work Fault Line:
"Fault Line is a project I am doing in the small coastal town of Brooklin, Maine. The protagonist is my younger cousin Adam, who lives there. I also photograph my brother, father, and other cousins. I chose the title because a fault line alludes to where the earth splits in an earthquake (a metaphor for a divided family with a complicated history) and also alludes to fault, or blame (I wonder, how does a family support each other, even when things aren’t perfect?) My goal is to show the weight we all carry and how we are both connected and isolated from each other."
Wow, powerfull and executed in a refreshing way. Thanks for sharing this @dillonk!
These are so interesting. I like how she ties it all together!