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agreed, tattoos are beautiful and wonderful to look at, but the photo above to me, was referring to people who belittle others for their body. I know this guy who goes to my friends church and he is mentally slow, but is covered in tattoos and even though he is a lovely person with a fantastic personality, everyone judges him there. I find it rude and not necessary to judge someone based on their bodily appearance
Hahaha! Nice thought not human nature however! If it is on display people not covered up people are curious! People comments etc. Yes sadly we know when someone gets fat, old, hairy that tattoo becomes really scary if you can even find it! I've seen all sorts! I have my own one small for public view and any more I am not telling if they're hidden! One tattoo I saw at a convention and had to ask the guy about was gorgeous! His entire face and neck and didn't see the rest was done including his eyelids was a butterfly! Yes entire face and neck and ears! Not a space left open! I asked where he worked who would hire him? No one he said so he started his own IT Company consulting! I said fantastic! Way to get what you still want! He was just starting to transition into a woman as well! He had a lot going on! And if you don't think he didn't want to use the above statement I don't know who wouldn't! I'll also say Thursday night out hip hop dancing this dude happened to lift his shirt on the floor and it drew my attention enough to run over and lift it myself to see his entire body engulfed to his toes all but neck up in total tats! It was absolutely amazing! Now see I admire artwork and most people don't mind us looking that do! I do feel rude people should not comment or gawk as it is not their life or body. But then there is reality in every situation unfortunately. After all, people comment on everyone's fashion, hair, weight, look, etc. Why are tattoos special!