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When I want a quick late afternoon snack, I usually head to the student cafe in my school's commons area. Fortunately, my campus has a small but sufficient selection of healthier snacks, ranging from hummus plates and vegetarian wraps to protein bars and chia snacks. Typically, I grab a Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie in chocolate chip, but I always feel a little guilty because even though it's vegan and high in both fiber and protein, the serving size is half a cookie and it's over 400 calories if you want to eat the whole thing! (Is this a cookie snack or a cookie meal?)
On my way to yet another Complete Cookie, I saw a whole new row of offerings from a company called the Cookie Department. These cookies were extremely health-conscious like Lenny & Larry's, but you could choose between the full 3-ounce or the 'snack size' 1.5-ounce package. The price point was reasonable as well, especially when compared to my school's competing healthy snack options. Finally, my prayer for the ultimate sensible cookie was answered!
The Cookie Department's 'break size' cookies are not all vegan, but each one still provides a wonderful dose of nutrition - all while remaining under 150 calories. For example, Cherry Bomb - their double-chocolate and cherry cookie - is made with a 1/2 billion CFU probiotics, and their peanut butter Tough Cookie is made with 5 grams of whey protein. The vegan option, Great Full, is made with oatmeal to curb hunger and sweet potato and cranberries to provide the body with vital antioxidants. (The cranberries in the cookie are more than plentiful too! So good!)
I highly recommend checking out The Cookie Department for yourself. As of right now, it is only available in stores on the West Coast, but you can easily order some on their official online store. To find out more about the company and their line of products, check out their official website here.
@asparagus I am notorious for eating way too much vegan junk food. It's true! Vegan junk food very much exists!
I'm glad you mentioned the calorie count - so many people think vegan equals super healthy stuff you can eat a lot of, but we need to count our calories too!
@Sjeanyoon It tastes different to me! These definitely taste more like cookies whereas whenever I eat a protein bar, I feel like I'm on some sort of depraved diet. Maybe I'm just buying the wrong bars!!
It's so much nicer to eat a cookie for a snack than a protein bar. Even if its practically the same ingredients. It just sounds better haha!