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Fresh & Rustic Greuner Ranch Wedding
I love the fresh infusion of modern color palettes when doing rustic style weddings. For Madison and Dietrich's destination Telluride, Colorado destination wedding, they wanted a modern-country vibe. No Texan tumble weeds here, or a rusty mill in sight!
I share this real wedding with you to show how you can still have your country wedding with modern and bright earthy colors. From rich deep greens to citron the color palette was balanced with cream and silver.
Pay attention to the simplicity of the ceremony design. It's hard to compete with such a majestic view, but with just a few ingredients that don't clutter the view, this bride and groom got it right. (Well, they're designers did!)
What do you think of this style of merging modern colors with a rustic point of view? Tell me if you're planning on doing something similar or maybe you'd like to expand on this theme. Love to hear what you're planning.
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I like the simplicity of the aisle made of wood. And the lanterns with moss is so elegant and modern at the same time.
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah it really is. @noonmarez. When might you get the proposal @darcysdiary?
3 years ago·Reply
I'm such a cheesy person, but I love the engraving on the inside of the ring. Swoon.
3 years ago·Reply
Not to rain on your parade...@danidee...but the ring from my first marriage said the same thing.
3 years ago·Reply
Is this your second marriage @darcysdiary?
3 years ago·Reply