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I'm all for experimentation with drinks. Infusions. Deconstructs. Et al. But nothing says "let's go" like a classic Mojito over a game of dominoes. Warm Spring days will make your highball perspire. But you won't, my darling, because you'll be winning at every turn in this crisp cocktail dress by furrier extraordinaire, Dennis Basso. Pile on the Versace and keep your nails short and manicured with Butter's "Jaded Jack."
Make Mama Nixon proud this year. Drink responsibly--pairing the right spirit with the right fashion!
Classic Mojito
1 oz Rose's Mojito Cordial
2 oz White Rum
1/2 oz Rose's Lime Cordial
Mineral Water
Glass: Highball
Garnish: Mint and Lime
1. Fill highball glass with ice.
2. Add Cordials.
3. Top with Mineral Water.
4. Garnish.
Spring 2015
Dennis Basso Resort Cocktail Dress
Butter London Nail Lacquer "Jaded Jack" $15
Versace Rhinestone Bracelet
Versace Pink Strap Mule
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That fashion is so Houston in the Spring! Versace and all! Mojitos are good. Like mine with pomegranate.
Yum mojitos. I have a whole bunch of mint growing in my yard. I should use this to my mojito-making advantage.
Yes @danidee. it grows wild? just randomly in your yard? I took a risk including the Jaded Jack nail polish @noonmarez because I thought it might look too green.
@NixonWoman No no no. My father was really into gardening, so about 15 years ago, he planted fig tree, avocado trees, lemon trees, parsley, and mint. The mint grows pretty abundantly at this point!
@danidee Gawd! All those trees! My nephew has lemon and orange trees that grow over the fence. He's such a doll.