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New boarddd.
Just bought this board from my friend. And im loviiin iiit.
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How locked in do you feel when you do slides?
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Well it has a micro drop right wear your feet sit in slides then it has rocker and all that concave so yah pretty locked in when i first got it I thought it would be to flexy for slides but I was soooooo wrong it's super thick amazing for downhill and slides I've hit 60 in the rain with 86a wheels on and it didn't slide out it didn't loose traction dude best fucking board ever im planing on getting the 38 inch BECOUSE it's super flexy so it's extremely good for for pressure flips and what not just talking about her gets me stoked
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where did u get this. im looking for a free ride board but cant find any to my standards
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It's a Bustin board @ScottCaputo just go to there site and you can customize a board.
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