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Many women wonder if they can pull off red lipstick. What if I look like a clown? What if it gets on my teeth? The truth is, a great red lip is easy to pull off with the right tools. First off, and perhaps the most important step is to moisturize your lips with a good balm. I recommend Bobbi Brown lip balm SPF 15, you can use your ring finger to apply or a small brush. Now it's time to pick a shade. It's not hard if you know your skin tone, for instance, women with fair skin look best in a bright red, for medium skin it's best to pick a little bit of a darker red and for dark skin tone you should try to find a red with and orange tint to it to makes your lips pop. Now, find a lip pencil that is close to your lipstick color. Line the outer part of your lips and then fill them in. This will make sure you retain color even after the lipstick has worn off. With a brush (and YES, it must be with a brush) apply your lipstick very carefully. What makes a great red lip is the precise contours. Lastly, conceal the outer areas such as the corners of your mouth which can sometimes look dark or reddish. After this, set with translucent powders. Done! Beautiful red lips.
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