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So what do you guys think should there be an order in what slides you learn or should you be free to learn what you want in any order and learn what you're comfortable with cuz I think you should
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Hell there isn't an order couse I learned pendelum - heelside check- toe side check-Colman - 180 standup - grab rail Colman - guillotine- toe side standup - heelside standup .... So yah I'm pretty sure there's no instruction book on how to do it it's just a path you do I don't have a order at all it was sorta like I wanna do that so I did
toeside 180s are arguably easier then heelside 180s
Word toesides for me are much easier than heelsides
There isn't an order. Just do what goes natural for you
I learned standies befor glove down slides I don't see a particular order