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The chains of life are everlasting. So they say. What is life and why must we go through it everyday until we die? Society is a shackle, digging into the skin, rubbing and pinching and hurting. Telling us what to wear, how thin we have to be, and having the perfect hairdo. Why can't everyone be beautiful? Why can't everyone be perfect the way they are? Why is society so cruel and heartless? Everyday, someone dies because of what society tells them to do. Chaining us and imprisoning us in our own minds. Society changes and the chains and shackles just get heavier and heavier. Our confidence and self-worth start to deplete as society tries to change us in new ways. You know what I say? Find your strength. Find your courage. Break the chains and unlock the door to the prison of your own mind. We are beautiful, strong, and worth so much. Don't let society kill us Let it strengthen us. Let's destroy those chains and spread our wings. Let's fly into the sunset. Our shackles stay to remind us of what we once were. Of WHO we once were. They are a reminder to never turn back to those chains again. Break your chains and soar with the Angels.
Victoria sims that was very beautiful but society can not shackle us as one of the greatest voices of the 20th century said "We must cast off the shackles of inner slavery" Bob Marley. The chains were put on by our selves but i think you are well on your way of doing something great in life and i really enjoyed what you posted so thank you
I love it
Really great piece, and I love this discussion here @brett32 @VictoriaSims I think you are both so on point with your words! @VictoriaSims I'd love it if you could add this to the Creative Writing Community as well--I'm moderator there, and I think it would be well received!
well victoriasims then you and and good old Bob are are on jah point the truth is that life is suffering there is no escaping it and there's many different types we must stop are selves step back and see the real beyond emotion, then we can understand that the narrow flow of conformity is in actuality totalitarian control to end the individual. Also i love the art work i put as cover page on FB. so thank you.
Great drawing! I like the writing as well!
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