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As you can see, the truck isnt really tight in the pivot cup. In fact, I can wiggle it from one side of the cup to the other. Its tiny, but there, and there is an obvious difference in comparison to the other truck on my board. Why is it doing this? And i would assume that it is pretty not good right?... Maybe this has something to do with the rattle in my trucks?
Do what @Mannith and@KTM2014 said cos it's maybe what@ThtYoungElwoodJ said
naw your pivot cup wore out its time to replace it
Thanks man. Sorry, i really go full kook and full grom when i get nervous about my equipment.
dude stop worrying about your trucks so much.. its fine mine do it too. the rattle is most like hardware not being tightened enough. or maybe its a lack of a shock pad too. its fine tho
Oh it makes tons of sense. Make sure every component of the trucks are snug and tight so it has a tight precise feel. And so i can get rid of the freakin rattle!
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