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My Heart, Today
by Linda Hale Wynn
You struck a chord in my heart, today
A chord of raw emotions
A chord that sent waves
Below deep resting layers
Resting feelings, resting emotions
My heart was on break
My heart smiled from your first look
You brushed the hair from my eye
You directed me thru detours
You fixed my coffee, as we talked
You danced with me, you warmed me with a hug
My heart began to melt, I let you in
In my heart that's been resting
My heart that took a break
You awoke my unsuspecting heart
This resting heart
Amidst the waves of wayward feelings
Emotions rushed the waves
My heart awoke, today
You struck a chord in my heart, today
Raw emotions sent splashing waves
You stepped on my heart, today
How is that possible, you say
I say...I let you in
In my heart, that's been resting
My heart that took a break
You are smooth with words
Especially when you write
In the day...Even in the night
You're the only one to make this right
You stepped on my heart, you see
My heart that you awoke, today
You are clueless as I see
It's not about the dotted dress,
The words you said or forgot to say
It's the special feeling, and how it went away
It is I who feels unspecial
You stepped on my heart
My heart you awoke, today
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@timeturnerjones Thanks for the comment and the observation.
3 years ago·Reply
@ChristinaBryce Thanks for the comment. It's good to know people relate.
3 years ago·Reply
@greggr Thank you for the encouragement.
3 years ago·Reply
@lindawynn98871 Always! Excited to read more when you're ready to share.
3 years ago·Reply
@lindawynn98871 That's so fun! I love doing co-working, especially on poems. People have interesting takes on it all.
3 years ago·Reply