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Everything was going along, going along the flow, Encountered Problems. Solved It. Felt Happy. Felt Sad. Felt Content. A Situation arose, I had to move out. From my comfort zone. Then got a hard pinch of reality. how cruel it can get. The Value of Relationships, The value of money. The value of me. Relaized. My flaws. My Strengths. My Beliefs tested. My values at stake. My Three Faces. one for the world. one for the family. one for me. The journey gets tough everyday. Yet something pushes me to swim along the Tide. Its when you move out of your comfort zone, Everything slowly begins to make sense to you. Life is itself a Test. Move out of your comfort zone. Is one of them. Aladin
I think I have three faces, too. I love that idea: one for myself, one for the world, and one for those closest to me (but who still don't get to see my own face...) Well put @Aladin
Great advice---we need to move out of our comfort zones in life and in love! We can't just sit and wait!!!
@Aladin @hikaymm I'm glad I saw these comments--I, too, though there must be some greater symbolism to those words, but didn't follow exactly what they were supposed to mean. Great way to incorporate detail with such depth that can enhance the story without having to write that depth into the story.
@Aladin Oh, cool! I'll have to look it up. It's well used!
Thank You @hikaymm. i read it somewhere,its a Japanese saying.couldn't have been more realistic and to the point.I am glad you liked it.