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Daily Dose of Writing
I don't know if it's obvious that I was inspired by the upcoming Pixar movie Inside Out :) February 20, 2015 Personify an emotion an write their actions and thoughts for a short period of time in a day. February 19, 2015 You're 90 and your older brother is turning 100. Write out his birthday plans and how you'll be making them happen. February 17, 2015 Write out every birthday wish in 3-5 year increments of someone from the moment they are born to the day they die. February 15, 2015 Write the moments leading up to a fateful encounter of two ex-lovers who haven't seen each other for 10 years. Whether the two still love each other or hate each other's guts is up to you.
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I did'nt even hear about that movie until just now so thank you @chiaroscuro I just watched the trailer and !!! looks cool! Thanks for the prompts, as always.
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I know! I'm very much looking forward to the movie too. And thank you so much for taking time to read the prompts!
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I like this new prompt: even in personifying an emotion, they must have a range of emotions in a part of their day, right? It's very interesting to think about the range of emotions as a part of a larger emotion, not just the one emotion that is immediately associated with it.
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