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Just because it's raining out is no excuse to frump around the house in your pj's all day. If you're looking for comfort and a pick-me-up, then grab the #1-voted Vodka for 2015, Crystal Skull, and pour yourself a Greyhound cocktail. But if you call yourself a friend of mine, then you'll have already text to meet at Hotel Viceroy. Hanz, one of my favorite bartenders there, takes this cocktail to the next level by adding clear effervescent soda, like Squirt to the Greyhound, hence the "+" added to the moniker.
Don't let me see you tromp around the Viceroy in pedestrian clothing. Up the ante in gray neutrals. Get some pink in there ladies. Some shine and reflective pieces will elevate it from looking dowdy. Oh! And another thing...get your damn eyebrows and lashes done!
1 1/5 oz Crystal Head Vodka
3 oz Pink Grapefruit Juice
1/2 oz Squirt or Fresca
Glass: Highball
Garnish: Grapefruit wedge
1. Fill highball glass with ice.
2. Add liquid ingredients and stir.
3. Garnish.
*Standard Greyhound recipes do not include the 1/2 oz of soda. Omit this if you want a traditional Greyhound.
Spring 2015
Dennis Basso Boatneck Fur Cocktail Dress
Versace Palazzo Laminated Bag, $3750
Stuart Weitzman Mule-Slide, $540
Christian Dior "Enigmatic" Sunglasses (Fall 2014), $560
Crystal Head Vodka, $100
I just looked up Dennis Basso. This guy is a fur magnate. Stunning furs.
I was gushing too @darcysdiary. This drink. That purse...
Total Squirt and Fresca girl here! This Greyhound+ sounds delish! On my list to make! Love that Versace chain handle palazzo bag. Gushing!
Go get some fur @noonmarez. Especially since you live in the cold of Washington.
Crystal Head was voted #1?! The bottle seems so gimmicky that I figured it would be much lower. I like the color of this cocktail. Pretty pink.
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