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5k Training: Weeks 1-3

Woah, I can't believe it's been three weeks since I started my training! The time definitely flew while I was out doing my runs. Haha When I first started running a mile it was killing me and my time was slower than it's ever been. But even though I wanted to stop I thought about why I was training and that motivation helped me during my first week. I've managed to get my mile down to under 12 minutes. My goal is to bring it down to 10 minutes, then from there see how fast I can go. It became easier to run a mile and soon I was running two miles. When I started running three miles the feeling of dying returned but I kept my motivation. I told myself this isn't something I'm just gonna give up on. I pushed myself harder when I ran three miles but still listened to my body so I wouldn't hurt myself. Today I ran four miles and it felt great! :) My body definitely wanted to run and my legs didn't want to stop. It felt so good just doing lap after lap on the track. My time was 45 minutes and I was glad that I kept up with my under 12 minutes pace. There were times when I walked a bit longer than I should have so I now that I can do better. Along with running I'm also doing other exercises (crunches, lunges, push ups, weights, etc) and eating healthier food. And of course drinking lots of water. I have so much more energy now and my body doesn't feel sluggish anymore. I'm happy to say that I've lost weight and see myself slimming down. :) Deciding to run a 5k and train for it was one of my best decisions! :) Bring on week 4!
Best of luck @PeachBoba!
Keep it up @PeachBoba!!!!
Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear about your finished race!
Congrats on the weight loss and just general good feelings :):)
At least for me, I found that once I hit a 10 minute mile pace I could speed up to beat my time much easier than when I was struggling to hit a 13 minute mile. It took me a while to get to 10 minutes but then I was running 8 minute miles in no-time!
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