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4 Ways to Style Mermaid Braids
1. Star Fish Hair Pins - This is totally the opposite of winter but I can't help but adore those starfish on her hair! I can see myself reusing this hair pin for summer after using it for prom.
2. Flower Petals - This is a more romantic look and suitable for spring, so even if I don't follow the prom theme I can at least be in tune with the season.
3. Golden Leaf Crown - This probably is the most appropriate for the Frozen prom theme. The golden leaf crown perfect for people who don't like crazy accessories.
4. Butterfly Hair Clips - Another spring favorite hair accessory. However, it can be overwhelming if the butterfly is too colorful.
Which of those four are your favorite?
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My weakness is anything cute! I love love love the flower petal hairstyle.
2 years ago·Reply
The star fish accessories are so pretty!
2 years ago·Reply
While all of them are cute, the butterflies caught my attention.
2 years ago·Reply
These are all gorgeous ways to dress your hair and perfect for all season! I'm clipping this to my collection!
2 years ago·Reply
so pretty
2 years ago·Reply