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Song Joong Ki Releases Photos of Himself Singing for ′Nice Guy′ Song Joong Ki proved he sang with all his might for his piece. On November 9, the actor released photos of himself singing the OST for his KBS2 drama Nice Guy, Really. In the photos, Song Joong Ki sported expressions so perfect it was like they were from a photo spread. In one, he was shown staring at the lyrics in front of him with a profound expression. On the day of the recording, Song Joong Ki successfully poured his emotions as his character, Kang Maru, into the song, and strengthened the melody with his sad voice. Song Joong Ki is said to have made a successful transformation as an homme fatale through Nice Guy. He has also garnered a success on the silver screen with yet another transformation in A Werewolf Boy. Photo credit: Sidus HQ article credit:
our oppa!!
it was my oppa who sang!!
I'm watching Nice Guy now, but I didn't recognize that he was the one who sang the OST !!!
yup... have you heard nice guy ost..painfully sweet!
He sings?