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this hair style (inspired by Maddie Ziegler) 1.) put your hair in a high pony tail, leave a two strands of hair hanging 2.) get your doughnut. put the pony tail through, leaving the two strands of hair hanging 3.) spread your hair over the doughnut 4.) put a hair tie over all the spreaded hair so it stays secure 5.) with the left over hair take all of it and tuck it in the bun and use Bobby pins to secure it 6. take the two strands of hair u have left and twist them wrap the twists around the bun and secure it with Bobby pins hope you liked it :)
That hair band is stunning! Do you know where I can get a similar one? This would be perfect for my prom!
thank you! @HairConfetti
What a cute updo! It'll be super cute for prom or for ballet performance!