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Markus Amm revives the old technique of the photogram in his Untitled series. The photogram was pioneered as an art form by Man Ray and Moholy Nagy; Nagy later coined the term "photogram." This process, if you don't already know, utilizes rudimentary photography principles. Objects are placed on to a photosensitive surface (usually light sensitive paper), and briefly exposed a projected light to create this style of abstracted "x-ray like" image. It literally is an inverted shadow outline of the object's form.
In adopting this approach, photographers must literally draw with light and reflection. Amm engages the process with contemporary conceptions of space and technology, contradictory to the process's history in art. Amm's compositions seem to be compacted, converging luminous structures giving the illusion of space age architectures.
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Man, I really want to start making my own photograms. There is so much room to be creative in the space of light sensitive paper!