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Sony will be hosting a Project Morpheus event during GDC 2015!
GDC 2014 is when SONY public announced Project Morpheus. Now, one year later SONY announced that they will be hosting a 4 hour event for their virtual reality headset on Tuesday, March 3, during GDC 2015.
The GDC Project Morpheus event will not only discuss the Playstation 4 Headset but will also have hands-on demos available for attendees and more. Its been quite some time since we’ve received any information about Project Morpheus hopefully the wait has been worth it.
Really can't wait to see more about this. I hope they knock it out of the park, but I'm just a bit skeptical.
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@RobynSecor Well we will see this week if it is something to really look forward to!
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@DanWest You might be interested in watching out for this VR headset by sony! More info drops about it this week!
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@hunahuna thanks for thinking about me. I will definitely be checking this out.
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@DanWest I think @TeamWaffles just posted about this, here is the link!
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