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"Balagan", is the Hebrew slang for "chaos". It is the normal state of just about everything in the Jewish homeland, and although everyone complain about that all the time, the reaction of the typical Israeli to attempts to even suggest that something should - and can - be done to put things into some sort of order, will immediately reveal the truth - Israelis just love their balagan. To the informal circle of friends that she built around her villa in the luxurious neighborhood in the north of Tel Aviv, Bethsabee, by then known by the original Hebrew version of her name, "Bat Sheva", was not afraid to admit that she loved this nonchalant attitude much more than the constant social tension of New York. On the other hand, she had to also admit that running the "Batsheva dance company" in such an atmosphere was a great challenge. In a country where few drops of rain made half of the traffic lights go crazy, and many of her dancers had to take 3 busses from their home to the studio, although it was only a distance of several subway stations in a normal city, rehearsals could never start on time. Not a big problem by itself, since nobody cared that they never ended on time either, but very annoying when there was a tight schedule of performances to meet. It was clear that something had to be done to put at least the rehearsals routine into order. She managed to assemble a pack of incredibly talented and passionate dancers in the dance company that she founded together with Martha Graham. Martha was officially the artistic director of the company, although she did not visit Israel too often. But on that particular occasion, she did arrive and for the specific mission of finding a rehearsals manager for the company. And this was how they arrived to Jeanette's studio. She was already a renounced teacher, known for her strict but highly effective teaching methods. Her students admired her, yet they were not the typical Israelis, but of the few who did believe in the classical discipline. To enlist her as the rehearsal manager of a company of modern dance, accustomed to a completely different approach was not the most obvious thing to do, yet being highly impressed, Bat Sheva and Martha, decided to offer her the job anyway.
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@orenshani7 Enjoying the reading part as well!
@orenshani7 And we are happy enjoying it!
I really love how you mix in some setting detail without making it too much--the bits about the trafic lights, the rain, the general chaos, etc. It's enough to provide context for what happens but not so much that I get distracted by it.
And so the team grows to include another character! Nice. I've never heard the term 'balagan' before, but I like the way it's used to contrast from something I do know (strict social tension) and to set the atmosphere of everything.