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I have been struggling with this for years and I'm attempting to stop for my boyfriend who's helping me the most. I've been clean for 10 days and it's hard to stay strong...I drew this where I wanted to cut. It helps. And something that I did to keep from hurting myself turned into something beautiful. If anyone is dealing with this that I am or anything else, feel free to message me and I will respond and help you as much as I can. I love every one of you. <3
You're such a strong girl.. Congratulations for going 10days clean.. I admire your bravery.. It's a great source of inspiration for me... Thanks so much for sharing.. You've saved another life.. I love you.
@ashleyisfalling No thank you for sharing and for being just who you are - you!
thank you so much oh my gosh <3 I read this on my way to school and you've made my day. thank you so much <3
@ashleyisfalling Congrats on the 10 days clean! I am proud of you! You are a strong woman, beautiful, loving, caring, kind, friendly, smart, wonderful! I and all of us are here to help however we can! You are not alone. I suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts daily. I made quite a few failed attempts about 9 years ago and promised myself to stop then. I have so far but the thoughts are still there. My life is for God to take only not me, not my abusive exhusband, no one. When my number is up it is up but not because I had anything to do with it and that is what I remind myself when I have those bad thoughts. Working out at the gym lifting weights for about 3 to 4 hours 3 to 4 times a week also is a huge help to me as well! Girl you are young beautiful wonderful live life on your terms and screw all the people out there that point fingers etc. They're just jealous! Believe me! People admire bravery! Take care.and I love you for you. :)
Congratulations! It really is so hard when you're going through some really emotionally heavy stuff to respond in a way that isn't self-destructive on some level. You can do this, lady! :)
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