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It's the perfect week to do one great thing: love yourself! Mars and Venus will both be in Aries all this week, too, and your sense of adventure and personal growth will be sky high! You know you have always been the one with the big dreams, but do you have a solid structure in place to achieve lift-off? Invest in yourself, Aries! Talk about your goals and hopes with friends and family, and get on the way to making it happen this week.


It's a week of good fortune for you, Taurus--literally! You'll be getting benefits from other people this week, especially on the financial or work front. Don't worry about it: you likely won't end up in harmful debt from these things, and the benefits will be good! You'll also want to nurture your creativity this week, but don't stress on making that a business or venture this week: just do it for you.


Friends are very lucky for you this week, Gemini! You're thinking about how you're aligned with others this week, and who is worth your time versus who is not worth your time. Put time into conversations that will open communication and help you find that clarity and stability in your relationships with others. Everything is going to be fine as long as you put time into it!


This is a week for a great professional achievement, Cancer! You'll be moving towards your goals in a very stable way this week, whether that be through a new relationship, a new or side job opportunity, or maybe a chance to really indulge in a hobby you've been hoping to make into something more long-term. You'll do a great job of impressing others in pursuing your dreams this week, so go for it!


Positive energy is on your side this week, Leo! A sense of purpose and hope will take over your life this week. Embrace it. But remember: be mindful of your finances in the process of pursuing adventure, dreams and your life's future. You'll make the right choice, though, so once you decide just stick to it without worrying too much: things will fall into place.


It's a good time for you in finances AKA you can do what you want, without feeling pressed for cash, and you'll be rewarded appropriately for your time at work. Maybe you'll be getting a new job, maybe you'll be finding a new house, you'll be doing something positive in that area! No matter what it is, be ready to assess if a new opportunity is one you want to make.


It's a good week to know if you're studying with or pairing up with the right people in school or work. If you're not, make a switch while you can more easily. Work might be hard this week, but just because something catches you off guard, don't fret. The air will be clear by the end of the week: be forgiving, apologetic and patient and things will become more positive.


Your health, your work life, and your day-to-day routine are all on the up and up this week! You'll be getting the work that you want, and while your career end point might still not be clear, the work that you're doing now will be going very well and unfold properly towards your future. Make sure to eat well and work out this week: your body will thank you by giving you more energy than ever!


Put your happiness first this week, Sagittarius! Stability is on the way for you, and by being confident in yourself and your future, you'll be able to secure that. Your own creative fulfillment will make you prosperous, so follow your dreams. Make sure to pay attention to matters of the home, though, because there might be some rough communication patches.


You have all the energy in the world directed at you this week, and it's a sign that you'll be enjoying yourself this week. In your mind, at home, and in your daily life, you'll be heading towards what you want to do. By indulging yourself, trusting yourself, and feeling confident in it, you'll get some awesome benefits!! So have a great time simply loving life this week: don't be afraid to let yourself have fun.


Day to day business and connections will be especially meaningful to you this week. You'll be feeling loved, friendly, and happy just being in your neighborhood. You will find a better understanding of what role you want to have socially, and how others will be part of your life this week! So get out and get social: you won't regret it! Believe in yourself and you'll have a great week.


Financially and professionally speaking, this is a great week! But, this isn't enough for you, dear Pisces. If an achievement doesn't feel right to you, take some time to think about why it's not what you really want. Then, pursue what you do really want! Were you going for something for the wrong reasons? It's ok! It happens. What you really want can still be achieved.
YESSSSS. For a Capricorn (aka ridiculously motivated workaholics), this week's prediction is one of the best.
I felt like I spent too much last week because of the holidays. Hopefully I'll be back on track with budgeting! Thanks @CosmicLove
I love being reassured that things might be hard, but they'll work out: keeps from worrying more than I should!
Weee!! Good to hear--thanks as always @CosmicLove your horoscopes are always spot on!!