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This week is all about knowing what you really want, Aries! If that means that you are open and ready to meet someone new or solidifying an existing relationship, this could be a great time to find that someone special that is a really good fit. They will make sense in not only romance, but also in sharing your passion for something new, and for pursuing your dreams!


Romance for you this week will be low-key, but definitely existent. Maybe you met someone or went on a few dates ago, and they're just resurfacing now. Don't push for clarity on if it's meant to be or not: things may be muddled, but stick around. You feel clear and stable enough on your own that you'll be able to make the choice on if they are worth the risk or not!


If you've been hoping that a friend becomes more than a friend sometime soon, this could be the week! Or, maybe, a friend of yours will declare themselves to you. You might have questions about this, and that's right on point: the stars aren't perfectly aligning for the two of you. Still, it looks like a fun, flattering bit of attention, regardless of how it pans out! This might happen to you even if you're already in a relationship, so be ready to make the right choices.


A co-worker or boss might be flirting with you this week, Cancer: make sure to make choices you'll be comfortable in a long run, whatever those might be. Connections made with those who embody something you hope to be come and you can respect will go well this week, so make sure to be ready to pursue those connections!


Now is a great time for romantic connections, especially of the new variety! Remember that even if things feel purpose, don't give them more than you're ready to give (especially not in the $$ sector!!) Feel comfortable opening communication and saying no to aspects of the relationships you're not OK with and ensure that communication is smooth.


This might be a hard week for you and someone you're already with, or you've been seeing. While you may have to have some hard conversations, talking it out will get you on the same page, and you'll both feel like you're making the right choices when it comes down to it. Don't worry!!! The basis of every great relationship is open communication, so this doesn't mean things are going sour!


It's time to clarify who you want in your life this week, and in what role. If you are open to love, this is a great week for it! Those you meet will be quickly signaled as right or wrong, so you'll be able to focus the right kind of energy on a relationship. If you're already taken, lay out the appropriate ground rules and open lines of communication that will keep you two happy!


Be ready for office romance, Scorpio. Normally, this might sound like a bad idea, but this week romantic energy will come easily. Whether it be someone from a different department, or a coworkers client you meant, be ready to accept a date offer through the workplace! There is real potential in this. Dating has been rough lately, but if you pace yourself instead of diving in too quickly, things will work out.


This is the week to be a flirt, Sagittarius! Romance is really in the stars for you this week, so flirt away or plan some romantic excursions with the one you love. If you're single, you might make a connection with potential, or, you may just enjoy yourself and learn a bit more about what you want in love. Put your happiness first in this, and you'll come out on top!


Romantic energy is in the air for you this week, too, Capricorn! Someone from your past, or that you connected with way before, will identify with you once again, and it might be a good connection. Timing is everything, and this kind of connection might not kindle a romance again, but it will remind you something about where you're at romantically, and you might be ready for closure on the past and moving onto new relationships! March will be your month!


You might run into a friend this week and realize that there's something romantic going on! Or, just go out and be social. You're a bit of a social butterfly this week, and that will end well for you as long as you're confident. Open your hear to love and to friendship, and you'll feel good about yourself for believing in yourself.


You've been wondering what you want in life and in love lately, Pisces, and you might find that what you've got isn't really what you want. That's ok! We all get off track. Time time this week to think about what you want for yourself this week, and then don't hold back in going for it. You deserve to achieve your dreams, and this week, you can get on your way to finding that kind of romance :) So go for it!
Ohhhh boy. Whoever this guy is that wants to reconnect, he's picking the worst time for it ever!
Thanks!!!! :) @CosmicLove
Soooo I shouldn't lend any boys money? Got it? lol
Looks like a good-ish week for romance for everyone :) Good luck guys & gals!