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I swear, we've all seen beauty hacks that are brilliant. But how many actually remember all of them. I wanted to share three classic makeup tricks that are as old as time but incredibly useful. Cosmopolitan put out a list and included these timeless tricks that will never go out of style.
Revive your dried out mascara with a couple drops of your contact lens saline solution. Don't go overboard, this isn't about making mascara last forever; there's still an expiration date, which is about three months from purchase.
Crimping eyelashes is one thing. Adding a little heat to the metal can make the process faster, easier, and make your curled lashes last longer than ever. Using a hair dryer, warm up your metal eyelash curler. Make sure it's metal and not plastic. Wait for the curler to cool a bit till it's warm to the touch. YOU DON'T WANT TO BURN YOUR EYES!
How many of us have pulled, scraped and scratched our eye lids over dry eyeliner pencil. Simply put a flame near the tip of the pencil for about 2-3 seconds. Put it near the tip, not on the tip of the pencil. Wait about 10-15 seconds to cool and apply at once. You will be amazed how the pencil liner flows and can be applied similar to a liquid liner.
I hope these tips (that you already knew) won't get lost in the back of your mind like they did for me. If you have other cool hacks and beauty tips, please share them.
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I've heard these before. Good refresher @daniachicago
It'd be my luck to burn my eye with the 2nd tip. Only because I am clumsy. Love the first and thrid tip. Good stuff @daniachicago
My mom shared with me the secrets of using a spoon to curl lashes!! I'd NEVER do that. Too scared I'd burn my eyes. lol My pleasure @NixonWoman
Crazy what we will do for beauty. Don't ever use a spoon @daniachicago
That last one is perfect. I bought a new pencil I love, and even though it has a cap, I feel like the color barely shows up when I try to use it. I'm going to have to give this a try.