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Juicier lips don't have to be painful and labor-intensive. I've seen too many Youtube videos where the process takes forever and requires painful steps to give a simple illusion of fuller, plumper lips.
This process, taken from Cosmopolitan, involves only the added application of concealer to your normal lip color regimen.
1. Apply lipstick as normal.
2. Fill middle section of top and bottom lips with concealer.
3. Blend in concealer with your finger.
4. Finish with a nude lip gloss.
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I don't see much of a difference b/c her lips are already full, I rather see it done on someone with thin lips....
woow will give it a try
I know what you mean @cheerfulcallie. I looked for a video of this on youtube and the best quality video is of a girl with naturally enormous lips. Plus she encourages other things. I wanted something quick and simple.
I actually do this sometimes, but I had to tone it down a little bit because I started looking like a Kardashian. Hahahaha.
NEEDED THIS. My top lip is otherwise nonexistent.