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One Simple Trick To Make Perfume Last Longer On Your Skin

This everyday household item will make your fragrance last longer than you ever imagined by rubbing this on your skin before you apply your perfume.
Just a tiny dab will you the trick. Applying pure, non-scented petroleum jelly to your pulse points BEFORE you spray on perfume will make the fragrance last a lot longer than without the jelly because the oil traps the scent into your skin.
Lotion also works!
really, i will try it today
This better work and not some old wives tale. LOL
I actually spray the perfume in my hair. I remember reading somewhere that your hair will absorb fragrance much better than your skin does.
I just wanted to caution people that the lotion you use needs to be free of fragrances, but good point @alohapark. How did it work out for you @starboy300? Love to hear. And thanks for trying it out.
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Layered Scent DIY Candle
I try not to stop by Bath & Body Works when I hit the mall. The scent coming from the shop always tempt me to step in. And when I do, I step out with a few antibacterial hand gel, moonlight path body mist, and scented candles. The candles burn out fast and I get them replace more often than I should. Which is why I came to the solution of making my own scented candle. They require some time and work, but it's definitely worth it considering the time spent on driving and parking. In addition, these are fun to make for the holiday season. Materials: Soy wax flakes Crayons in assorted colors Small heat-proof jars Wicks Essential oils Instructions: 1. Choose the number of layers you want to create for each candle. Divide the wax evenly. I used about ¾ to 1 cup wax flakes per layer (so about ⅓ to ¼ cup per layer, per jar.) Remove the papers from the crayons and break into small pieces. Melt soy wax flakes and crayons in a pan. Slowly stir in 5-10 drop of the desired essential oil. 2. Adhere the wicks to the bottoms of the jars using a little melted wax. Wrap the wick around a skewer or toothpick to keep it centered. 3. Pour the first color layer into the jars. Let cool completely. You can speed up the process by placing them outside or in a cool place. 4. Repeat the process with more wax, crayons, and essential oils. To keep the new layer from melting the previous layer, it is helpful to let the wax cool slightly before pouring into the jar. 5. After the last layer is poured into the jar, let the jars sit undisturbed for several hours or overnight. Trim the wicks, top with the lids, and package up to give away.
Ayam Cemani for Better Results in Chicken Production?
Ayam Cemani has certainly had people talking excitedly about it over the last few years. The day has finally arrived. You’ve collected enough eggs from your hen to start incubating after waiting, and waiting, and waiting. You are just 21 long days away from seeing those beautiful chicks and FINALLY, your Ayam Cemani Chicken breeding program is getting started. Well, not quite unless you want to spend a lot of time spinning your wheels and hoping for a little luck! Unlike other breeds, fibromatosis makes breeding Ayam Cemani challenging. It’s not as simple as choosing a couple of black hens and a cock to breed! But none are as bewitching as the “Ayam Cemani". This rare creature, native to Indonesia’s island of Java, is the most magnificent breed of chicken in the world. Its feathers are as dark as the cosmos. So is its flesh. In fact, from the talon to the tongue, every bit of this chicken is the color of licorice even its bones and internal organs. It is a total blackbird inside and out, so as you can imagine, You can read our more blogs about it like what is Brahma chicken used for? Ayam Cemani Chicken with the Dark Arts. Breed Standard The standard description below is from the Dutch standard of perfection. The bird should stand upright, alert – almost ‘game-like. The body is of medium size, slim, firm, and muscular. It will have a fairly broad breast and a medium back, which slopes from the neck. The wings are long and strong, arising from wide shoulders. The tail is held moderately high. Thighs are powerful and muscular. The bird should have 4 toes to each foot. Feathers are all black and are close-fitting to the body. Skin, eyes, wattles, and comb should all be black. You should see no other color. The feathers may show a beetle-green to purple iridescence in sunlight. Do Those Black Chicken Breeds Lay Black Eggs? Back to the main topic about black chicken eggs. Well, you already know the real fact of Ayam Cemani Chicken and Kadaknath Chicken which has black color inside and outside. Due to this fact, many people beli eve that Cemani and Kadaknath Chicken can lay black eggs. Cemani Meat is Black or red? When people are looking for Ayam Cemani Meat and black eggs for sale, most of them will choose Cemani Chicken or Kadaknath Chicken. Similar to other chicken types, ayam cemani eggs' color is cream. Has no different color from others. What makes it different happens when the egg yolk which is yellow in the beginning, then it turns slowly into black color (but not black). It happens when the embryo starts to appear which means the egg is of good quality. It will begin to form the Ayam Cemani For sale chick. Just for additional information about Ayam Cemani Meat and black eggs (not chicken eggs), there is one type of bird that can lay black eggs. It is not as solid black as you imagine. It’s very dark in green. That’s only some information about black eggs. However, if you are looking for information about black Ayam Cemani Eggs, don’t expect anything because no chicken can lay black eggs. Remember that black chicken breeds do exist, but not for the black chicken egg. Their beaks, tongues, combs, and wattles appear black, and even their meat, bones, and organs are black or gray. Their blood is normally colored. The birds’ black color occurs as a result of excess pigmentation of the tissues, caused by a genetic condition known as fibromatosis. Researchers said Black chicken has full of antioxidant which helps to keep your health, prevent sickness and common colds. The antioxidant that is found in black chicken is called Carnosine. Besides, it also offers higher levels of iron, minerals, and vitamins, and nutrients usually present in regular chicken. These Ayam Cemani For sale are bred by dedicated breeders and can be found in Europe, America, and its native region of Indonesia. There are only around 3500 left in existence – so it’s not one that your local breeder is likely to have! What’s their personality like? The Ayam Cemani’s are friendly. You can expect to pay around $160 for a dozen Ayam Cemani hatching eggs. Unsexed chicks cost about $50 each and pullets are typically not available.
Lip Anti-Aging 101 - Secrets to a Youthful Pout
Lips are frequently left out of anti-aging discussions. Volume loss and wrinkles around the mouth, are some of the first signs of ageing. Our lips undergo a number of significant changes as they age. Most lips lose volume and definition over time. But smokers, those with lighter skin, and those who spend a lot of time in the sun are more likely to have lines and wrinkles. Lines can also be exacerbated by those who purse their lips when speaking. So, if your current lip care routine consists of swiping lip balm on chapped lips, there's definitely more you can do to to make your lips look fresh and youthful.  Lip Anti-Aging Serums and Balms The newer lip balms deliver anti-aging ingredients and hydration right where you need it. Look for one that includes a retinol derivative, a potent ingredient known for increasing collagen production and fading dark spots. The issue is that retinol can be irritating when applied directly to the lips, so make sure to moisturise thoroughly afterwards. Ceramides, hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, and intense hydrators like coconut oil are other ingredients to look for to make lips appear fuller. Within a few days, your lips will gradually plump up. Lip balms containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which chemically exfoliate the top layer of skin to reveal a smoother, softer pout.  The simplest anti-aging lip hack, however, is to remember that the skin around your mouth should be treated in the same manner as the rest of your skin. Apply a nightly serum there as well if you're applying it elsewhere. If you're going to smear sunscreen on your lips, use a chapstick or lipstick with an SPF of at least 30. To prevent damage from daily UV light, the skin around the mouth should be protected every morning with sunscreen and topical antioxidants, just as it would be in other areas. In the evening, use retinol, growth factors, and peptides to repair your skin.  Peels and Lasers  A quick laser zap or a chemical peel can help treat fine lines and pigmentation around the lips that do not seem to improve with topical treatments. The lines form because the muscles around the mouth constrict, folding the overlying skin. Lasers and peels can be used in the office to improve skin tone and texture while also reducing the appearance of lines. Skin lightening ingredients such as kojic acid or hydroquinone derivatives are also excellent choices for lip lightening as well. Microneedling causes micro-injuries to the skin around the lips, stimulating collagen and elastic production. There is less downtime than with a laser or peel, and it is not melanin or pigment sensitive.  Lip Injectables Not all lip fillers are performed with the goal of creating Kylie Jenner lips. The lip's border, known as the "white roll," loses definition with age. Because you lost structure at the border, it is common for lipstick to bleed from the red part of your lip onto your skin. To restore volume and structure around the mouth, a filler is recommended. Over-treating the lip border can result in duck lips, but subtle treatments can help to distinguish the lip from the skin around the mouth.  Injections of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, or the more subtle Volbella, can make the lips more defined and thus younger-looking without significantly changing their size. If you're more concerned about wrinkles and lines around your mouth, a few drops of Botox can also help soften and relax the muscles around your mouth. There is one small catch: you won't be able to purse your lips as much, and you may be unable to drink from a straw for a few months. If you can't give up your daily iced coffee, peels or lasers with your dermatologist may be a better wrinkle-fighting option for you. Source: Lip Anti-Aging 101 - Secrets to a Youthful Pout
Why Do I Have Acne?
Acne is a skin condition that affects the oil glands and hair follicles. The pores in your skin are linked to glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. The glands and your pores are linked by a canal called the follicle, which contains thin hair that grows to the skin's surface. When sebum and dead skin cells combine, they form a plug in the follicle. The bacteria in the plug causes inflammation, which results in red inflamed acne and furthermore, acne scars What is the underlying cause of acne? Despite the fact that the exact cause of acne has yet to be determined. However, there are some things that can cause or worsen acne, such as: 1. Hormonal changes such as puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy can all cause acne. 2. Squeezing or picking at existing pimples 3. Excessive cleaning or scrubbing of the skin 4. Weather with high humidity 5. When you use excessive amounts of cosmetics or experiment with them, as well as harmful hair products and oil-based products such as sunscreen. 6. Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids for body building. 7. Acne on the forehead is linked to dandruff in the hair. What are the signs and symptoms of acne? Everyone is unique, and so are their symptoms. As a result, different symptoms indicate different types of acne. As an example: 1. If you have blackheads, they are open, clogged pores on the surface of your skin. 2. If you have whiteheads, they are plugged pores close to the skin's surface. 3. If you have papules, these are small, tender red/pink bumps on your skin. 4. Pustules are papules with pus on top if you have them. 5. If you have nodules, which are large, painful lumps deep beneath the skin's surface, 6. If you have cysts, they can be painful, pus-filled lumps located beneath the skin's surface. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that can affect anyone, regardless of age. It is unquestionably a difficult condition to prevent and even more difficult to treat. Certain natural remedies, such as stress control and weight loss help tremendously. If you are suffering from acne do consider discussing it with your dermatologist. Medical science has advanced a lot in treating even the most severe forms of acne such as cystic acne and hormonal acne. You no longer need to suffer alone.
Victoria's Secret Perfume Repels Mosquitoes. Really.
When you're out getting a head start on your Christmas shopping this weekend, you might want to stop off at Victoria's Secret and pick up some perfume. A recent study published in the Journal of Insect Science has shown a pretty interesting relationship between mosquitoes and the Victoria's Secret perfume 'Bombshell', finding that wearing this perfume can actually prevent mosquito bites - sometimes more effectively than leading insect repellents currently on the market. The perfume - priced at a hefty $68 per bottle - might not be the most economical choice when selecting a bug repellent. However, researchers at New Mexico State's Molecular Vector Physiology Lab insist that discovering what makes this perfume so effective could help product developers continue moving away from the current active ingredient in most repellents on the market - DEET, a potentially toxic oil that can cause allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin. The lab tested 10 different repellents against a control and found that while DEET-based repellents worked more effectively overall, for a non-DEET product, the perfume remained a steadily effective repellent for over 2 hours. So, why does this Victoria's Secret perfume work so effectively? According to the report, the perfume was chosen for its purple passionfruit, peony, and vanilla orchid notes, citing that the team was interested in finding a correlation between mosquito activity and 'fruity, floral' fragrances. "There was some previous literature that said fruity, floral scents attracted mosquitoes, and to not wear those. It was interesting to see that the mosquitoes weren't actually attracted to the person that was wearing the Victoria's Secret perfume - they were repelled by it." So, will you be spritzing on some floral notes the next time you head out into the mosquito-filled world? Or would you much rather spring for a standard repellent - DEET and all? Let me know in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection!
DIY Solid Perfume Balms
Did you happen to see the homemade perfume card I shared a week ago? You can see it by clicking here. However, this is a different idea where using perfume, you can create solid balms. This easy diy allows you to pour into moulds or into cosmetic trays. These would be perfect for camping, on-the-go and for cute gifts to your girlfriends. Supplies Needed: Beeswax Sweet Almond Oil (or another carrier oil such as coconut) Fragrance oils of your choice (Lemon, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Lavender) Containers to hold your perfume (cosmetic trays, lockets, tins, etc.) Step 1. Recipe is always the same because it's based on ratios: equal parts beeswax and carrier oil. Start a small batch of 2 tbsp of beeswax and 2 tbsp of carrier oil. TIP: If you find your beeswax/oil mixture to be too thick once you are melting down, you can always add a little more oil as you go. Step 2. Get your perfume scent on point before you start the melting process. Make sure it's a subtle scent. A good rule of thumb is to create a scent that isn't so strong that it would prevent you from having a good night's rest. Start with 10-15 drops and increase from there. TIP: So much "smelling" may turn off your receptors, preventing you from smelling the fragrance. To reset your senses and start over, take a whiff of coffee beans. This will clear the scent from your head. Step 3. Prep your containers for hot wax. You want lids off and everything prepped and open. Step 4. Use a double boiler to heat your beeswax and oil on the stove. DO NOT MICROWAVE! Be sure to heat your beeswax on low/medium heat and stir as it melts down. Add your fragrance oil into the melted mixture once the beeswax is completely melted. Step 5. Carefully pour the hot wax into your containers. They will start to harden quickly. If they harden too fast, simply return to the double boiler and heat up. Let this set up and harden. Then you are able to slide it onto your skin for a silky perfume balm that will feel and smell amazing!
Wait Until You Fall In Love With Scented Jewelry
Kiss your glass spray bottle goodbye. It's looking like the days of buying a fragrance gift set will soon be long gone. If you're a fan of dainty jewelry and you love to smell sweet then you might be interested in the new approach companies are taking when it comes to perfume. Introducing, scented jewelry. Perfect for those women who find themselves reapplying their perfume every so often. You have the option of going for the mini size vials filled with essential oils or the lockets that happened to be filled with scented spheres and leather cutouts. How convenient is that? If you're interested in these fragrance options, keep scrolling to see a couple different alternatives below. Zoe & Piper Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace The Designer Of The Product Says: "Essential oils are an important part of my daily life, from my health to my mood and, most importantly, they keep me grounded. I wanted a diffuser necklace that went with my personal style and my lifestyle, and I just wasn't finding it anywhere," explained Sienna, the designer. Illuminated Perfume Solid Perfume Lockets The Designer Of The Product Says: "Since the nose is an open passageway to the brain, what better way to connect directly with the plants than through the experience of inhaling beautiful scents presented in a gorgeous locket?" Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Earrings The Designer Of The Product Says: "I wished I had a way to easily remove the perfume without having to scrub it off my skin. That's when I thought of those vintage earrings: Wouldn't it be wonderful if the casing could hold a fragrance, similar to the gemstones?" she pondered. Peacock Parfumerie Perfume Pendants The Designer Of The Product Says: "It was this notion of carrying a treasured scent that could stimulate and enliven the wearer throughout the day that gave rise to the Perfume Pendant." Are you loving this idea? Innovative or you'll stick to your fragrance in a bottle? @alywoah @TessStevens @stephosorio @mscocoasupreme @MistressSiren @nicolejb @marshalledgar @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @ButterflyBlu @VeronicaArtino @humairaa @PurpleChick
Ameraucana Chicken: Care Guide
Anyone who has Ameraucana chicken will tell you, these are special birds. They are known as prolific layers of beautiful blue or blue-green eggs. But they are so much more than that. Ameraucana chicken are hardy in both heat and cold. They are cautious and smart. They are excellent at foraging. And man, they are goofy. With their big, soft, poofy muffs and beards, their endlessly inquisitive nature, and their comical antics, it’s hard to take these birds seriously. These lovely birds are upbeat and love investigating new things. That Black Ameraucana Chicken are well suited to family life and will tolerate small children and enjoy communing with their humans. However they do not necessarily enjoy being picked up and held. Of course the biggest talking point about these Ameraucana Chicken Eggs. They are quite decent layers averaging about 3-4 eggs per week so they can tolerate a wide range of climates and are especially suited to the cold having only a pea comb which rarely gets frostbite. Ameraucana chickens will lay 3-4 blue shelled eggs each week. This comes out to somewhere around 200 eggs a year a good amount for a small family. Whilst they lay all year round, you can expect them to slow down during their molt and the winter months. You should know that she can be slow to start laying. Sometimes you might have to wait up to seven months before the appearance of Ameraucana Chicken Eggs, but the wait is certainly worth it. The Ameraucana chicken is a pretty bird with a varied color palette. The officially recognized colors for this breed are black, blue, blue wheaten, brown-red, buff, silver, wheaten, and white. The legs are slate blue to black, and the skin and the bottom of the foot are white. Ameraucana Chicken Color Chart with its values. Ameraucana Chicken Color Chart depending on the color of the plumage, the legs and feet should be slate blue to black. There should be four toes on each foot, and the shanks should be clean of feathering. The skin on the bottom of the foot is white, as is the skin of the bird. The Ameraucana chicken is a pretty bird with a varied color palette. The officially recognized colors for this breed are black, blue, blue wheaten, brown-red, buff, silver, wheaten, and white. The legs are slate blue to black, and the skin and the bottom of the foot are whiteThere are eight recognized colors for the ameraucana chicken color chart. True Black Ameraucana Chicken should grow up to be black, but occasionally you’ll get “leakage” showing some silver or gold feathers, especially in the hackles. If your chicks are EEs then they can really change colour as they grow up. The best blacks will start out as black chicks with white chests, sometimes some white on head and wings as well. Brown reds usually hatch a solid, dull black, though some of those have white on the chest as well. Ameraucanas always have both beards/muffs. Their pea comb makes them a great bird for colder climates. The breed’s most desirable features are their slate or black legs and the fact that they lay blue-tinted eggs but they are bred to retain the blue-egg gene eggshell color and they have a quiet and calm personality. Ameraucanas always have both beards/muffs. Their pea comb makes them a great bird for colder climates. The breed’s most desirable features are their slate or black legs and the fact that they lay blue-tinted eggs. They are bred to retain the blue-egg gene eggshell color and they have a quiet and calm personality. Like all colors of Ameraucana, These Chickens are friendly and sociable birds, getting along fine with other fowl, farm animals, and children and Hens can get broody and sometimes defend their nest aggressively. But they make great mothers.