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This everyday household item will make your fragrance last longer than you ever imagined by rubbing this on your skin before you apply your perfume.
Just a tiny dab will you the trick. Applying pure, non-scented petroleum jelly to your pulse points BEFORE you spray on perfume will make the fragrance last a lot longer than without the jelly because the oil traps the scent into your skin.
Lotion also works!
really, i will try it today
This better work and not some old wives tale. LOL
I actually spray the perfume in my hair. I remember reading somewhere that your hair will absorb fragrance much better than your skin does.
I just wanted to caution people that the lotion you use needs to be free of fragrances, but good point @alohapark. How did it work out for you @starboy300? Love to hear. And thanks for trying it out.
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