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Tiffany Blue Wedding Bouquet
I was looking at my photo ideas for my wedding bouquet and was way too overwhelmed with the color blue. My mom and I were talking about it and we just sort of thought that if we incorporated every single idea that it would look like a carnival of blue instead of the sophisticated wedding that I imagine it will be in my mind.
My mom suggested white flowers and not blue ones. Then I discovered this bouquet that was all white flowers of orchids and peonies with the stems wrapped in the signature Tiffany blue colored ribbon and a single rhinestone brooch.
What do you think of this? It's simple. It's pretty. And it's subtle. It's not in your face about the theme.
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The hydrangeas are also big like peonies and they grow in the wild out here in Washington. The ribbon and brooch are pretty.
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Good idea to keep your theme without bashing your guests over the head with it.
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In full agreement with @marshalledgar. A nuanced approach will never go out of style. Ever.
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I agree with @noonmarez! They look a lot like peonies. I love them!
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