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If other brides out there are like me, then you are totally and madly in love with your wedding theme. In my case, it's Tiffany Blue. But your budget may also be like mine: minuscule.
When I found this picture I was so inspired by the Mississippi postage stamp that I looked into it further. What I discovered is that you can pick from thousands of postage designs or simply create your own stamp that is custom, all through Zazzle.com.
My thought was, if you're already going to spend the money on postage, why not make it do double duty to carry on the theme of your wedding. Whether it's by color, font or picture, a simple stamp can do a lot to set the stage. I <3 that!
There are literally, thousands of stamps to choose from at Zazzle.com. I love this color theme but not excited about the starfish since my wedding is not nautical or beachy. But it sparked an idea to keep looking.
Who can resist a heart stamp? LOL It's a great springboard into designing your own stamp.
@marshalledgar I'm just glad that I was able to find this site.
I love this idea. I love the doily in the envelope too. Gonna check out getting stamps done.
Thanks for bringing this up @daniachicago. So much of wedding season correspondence will need postage. I like that you can avoid the post office altogether to get all your stamps, and customized to boot!
This is a great idea for anyone for any event.