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This week's Manicure Monday is deliciously fun! February is almost coming to an end and if I can sum up the month with one fruit I'll choose strawberry - sweet and playful. From Valentine's day, President's day to Lunar New Year there was a lot going on. I probably ate more than I should. I really need to detox (my stomach) this week and indulge in some fruits! I bought a bunch of strawberries this weekend so I'll be making a fruit salads, smoothies and probably acai bowl this week. There's no better way to remind myself to eat fruits than looking at my nails. Here's a nail tutorial for y'all. :)


1. Paint nails with a pink polish.
2. using a small brush, apply a green polish bordering the cuticle in the shape of the strawberry leaves.
3. use a dotting tool with a light yellow polish to create dots for the seeds.
4. Finish with a top coat.
These r really cute
I just had chocolate covered strawberry today and I'm craving more after staring at this nail. Why????
I adorable! I'm not a big fan of pink so I'll use red instead!
The color selections are very spring appropriate! Love it!