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If you're thinking what I am...don't. I am not advocating the buying and returning of a used garment, even though many, many girls out there do this. I just want to point out that the return policy at Dessy.com is really great--a full 30 days after you buy it!
Besides that, look at this dress. I like it for the color, but also for the silhouette. It's modest and flirty length are really sweet. At $208, it's not a bad dress. It's also something that could be worn again since it isn't overtly "bridesmaid" wear.
This is an Alfred Sung design.
Style D568
Fabric: Dupioni
Color: Seaside (other colors to choose from)
Also from the same website is this cute Trapezoid Dupioni clutch with jeweled clasp for only $24. I like that it's not the same color as the dress. This color is called "Dove."
This is a pretty silhouette @daniachicago.
I like the bodice on this with the cap sleeves. My sister is looking for her bridesmaids to wear floor length gowns. Im going to show this to her. See what she thinks.
Thanks for asking @darcysdiary. I haven't picked my dress yet. I'm embarrassed to say that my BF hasn't proposed yet. But I like this bridesmaid dress a lot. Thx @nixonwoman
What's your dress look like @daniachicago? Is this the one you're going with? Love the clutch!
I love that this isn't a strapless dress. I look HORRIBLE in strapless dresses, so I would gladly be a bridesmaid to this wedding. ;)
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