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Let Cassey Ho guide you through a simple six minute workout that will nail those obliques, butt, and thighs and get rid of any muffin top for good! You'll find your waist is smaller and more defined after using this routine twice a week for at least a month.
All you'll need is a mat! What are you waiting for!?
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i gotta try this after 5 children my stomach and waist are the hardest to loose
@Kimmie1970 it's a tough area for everyone! starting this workout is the hardest part, once you're actually doing it it is super fun!
I just saw Cassey in a commercial the other day! She's becoming a star!!
I love this video..its the best by far..I've never tried any of these moves before out of all my workout videos. Usually you see the same mkves being taught..but this one is a one of a kind..and I love it!! I will confirm to so this for the rest of my workout
thank you for such a great short belly blaster though I struggle to get my leg as high as you on the first rainbow move but I will keep at it!