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Ingredients for 4 servings:
300 grams of frozen peas (or fresh peas if seasonal)
50 grams of white bread
1 medium size potato, boiled and peeled
1 bunch of fresh parsley
Whole salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Organic lemon zest bread crumbs
1 pinch of turmeric
1 drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (with a pinch of garlic powder, to stew peas)
Seed oil for frying
Start by stewing the frozen peas in a little hot oil, in which garlic powder has given its aromas. You do not need a long cooking: less minutes of cooking, the more the color will remain bright. You may also boil them, but in this way you would lose many nutrients in the cooking water.
Now let evaporate peas vegetable water, turn off the heat and let cool.Combine in a blender the peas, the bread, the cold potato, the leaves of the bunch of parsley (do not throw the stems, use them to flavor a good vegetable stock!), the grated zest of one organic lemon.Season with salt and pepper and let cool in the fridge for half an hour, in order to let the dough firm up.
At this point, you have to be good at controlling the consistency: it must be quite firm, enough to be handled. Use the breadcrumbs to achieve the desired humidity but not flour, otherwise the dumplings will be extremely heavy.
Now prepare a dish in which to pour the breadcrumbs and the turmeric for breading and another one in which to place your peaballs before frying them.Bathe your hands and proceed to make them!
Now: fry! I recommend you start to cook when the oil reaches the maximum temperature. Use a toothpick and dip the tip into the oil: when you see bubbles all around it, then you can proceed.The balls in this way will remain firm and lighter: the oil at the maximum temperature will attack them immediately, creating the golden crust and not penetrating in large quantities within what you are cooking.
Hahaha this looks like falafel. I'd totally try it though.
Wow those are GREEN!
Sounds simple enough! Does it have to be seed oil though?
This sort of reminds me of a frozen pea veggie burger I used to make in high school. The potato gives it a great texture!
Mmmm this sounds like it would be amazing with a ton of homemade tomato sauce!
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