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I discovered Wedding Inspirasi online and found these Zuhair Murad 2015 bridal gowns to be really pretty. There are some aspects that i'd change, mainly the sheerness and lack of modesty in a couple. But These are too elegant not to include on here because I think these gowns would speak to many brides.
This gentle mermaid gown is really pretty. I've never been a fan of tight or exaggerated mermaid silhouettes, but this is really nice.
The bodice is way too sheer but it is pretty. If it was more solid and not so sheer, then I could do something like that.
Love the sweetheart neckline and how the lace appliques drip down from the bodice.
This pinched waist is to die for. Love the sweet bow too.
I cannot get over that veil! It's so long!
The layers of tulle is so beautiful.
Although I find these to be too sexy for the aisle, I wanted to include these Spring 2015 ready to wear pieces because they are super feminine and lacy. There might be a bride that likes lace as much as me but in a more provocative way.
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Me and my mom totally agree @noonmarez. @marshalledgar.
This dress is absolutely beautiful. ♡
@yernaya Did you see this card? Closeups of your favorite gowns!
@marshalledgar oh my god i thought that it's impossible to fall in love with those dresses even more.