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Hello everyone! It's greggr, the creative writing community moderator. Here are this weeks featured cards: enjoy! As always, be sure to comment, like, clip and show how much you like reading them.
I tried to focus this week on featuring those who have not been featured before, or have not been featured in some time! So, if your piece didn't make it this time--don't worry! I'll do my best to feature all the great writing of the Community at one point or another.

Top Feature: Navigator & Pilot or Passenger of Fate?

This week's top feature is by @jonpatrickhyde. It's called Navigator &Pilot or Passenger of Fate? While our community is often filled with poetry (which I love!) this piece takes on a more journalistic style, questioning things we all wonder about: am I on the right path? Where should I be heading? Etc. etc. I highly recommend everyone read this: we're all on a path somewhere, and we all like to ponder about where that might lead.
This card has been made a "sticky" card in the community's recommended feed for one week; congratulations!

Cover to Cover by @ashleyisfalling

Cover to Cover by @ashleyisfalling is a really fun piece about something we all enjoy....writing! It takes the idea of writing, whether it be for ourselves or for a project, and conceptualizing it as the act of working cover to cover. Very well done! Enjoy it!

Symphonies by @MarySEW

Symponies by @MarySEW is a joy to read as well. The poem is full of melodies, both in meaning and in the words used to share that meaning. As you read, you, too, will be able to enjoy the symphony. Make sure to leave Mary some love!

My Heart, Today by @lindawynn98871

My Heart, Today by @lindawynn98871 is a piece about love. Love as we all have experienced it. Love as we all wish it didn't have to be. Love, as we all know it ends up. Very relatable poem that is well crafted and worth sharing! Enjoy it here!
Don't forget that I'll be choosing the best collections of February next week--be sure to make sure you given your poetry collections a great title, cover, and theme so that yours might be one of the two selected! Good luck, everyone!
Don't forget that I'll be picking February's best collections this weekend! Get your collections ready and pretty; I'll be looking through all the ones published to the Creative Writing Community!
@MarySEW Great! @hikaymm No problem!
Great reads again this week, thanks @greggr
@MarySEW Great! I feel honored to have had the chance to read your writing. Looking forward to more in the future!
Thanks as always Mr. Greggr! I love seeing what I should make sure to read this week :)
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