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Cosplaying a Disney character is so different than cosplaying anything else!
Everyone is always so supportive, and it really feels like you're living out a childhood dream! When I meet another Anna or Ariel, I get excited and giddily ask for a picture. Even if I'm wearing the same cosplay as them, they feel like the real princess to me!
Disney cosplays are also addictive! I started out by being my favorite princess at the time, Ariel, and then Frozen came out and changed everything! I really feel like I relate to Anna more than any other Disney character, and I have so much fun being her! But that hasn't stopped me from considering cosplaying more and more princesses! Maybe (hoepfully!) soon I'll get to be Giselle, Alice, or Sleeping Beauty!
Have you ever cosplayed or considered cosplaying a Disney character? If so, who?
Anna: Me, Jenni Bon!
Elsa: Dejavudea
Costumes by: Minniemoon Cosplay
@danidee That would be so fun!!!! @starberry try it lol :D
This reminds me of those 'princess party' agencies where you can have a girl dressed up as a famous Disney princess visit your daughter's birthday party and meet with all the children. You should reuse your cosplay outfits for something like that!
I don't think I'd pull off a good princess.
Do kids ever get excited to see you?! I feel like they must!!
Both of your cosplays are both spot on!!! I've always wanted to do a Belle, but I can never decide which version, so I've never done it. I can imagine how fun it might be though, to bring a character as classic as Disney ones to life!