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Being a mother of two doesn't stop this pop star from having a tone body. Britney Spears recently flaunt her amazing figure in her Spring/Summer 2015 Intimate Britney Spears Collection. The collection launched last year and is sold in 200 countries worldwide. Scroll down to see the campaign photoshoot as well as preview of the lingerie pieces!
Swimsuit (picture above): Neon tie-dyed bikini
Swimsuit: Chic black one-piece with a cutout
Lingerie: Floral two-piece sleepwear with robe.
Lingerie: Lacy white bra set complete with garter belts and thigh-high stockings
wow she's 33!!! I adore her ... but I saw her recently on the cover of a mag looking 40s!!! shame on the editor and photog...
where do I get this?
That while bralette is channeling 80s Madonna so well.
She either don't age or I'd photoshopped. Nonetheless, she's beautiful.
She doesn't look 33 at all and she looks hot for her age!
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