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Take the Wet Test: Learn Your Foot Type A simple wet test can tell you if you have flat or high arches, and how to choose your running shoes accordingly. I can finally tell what foot type I have after what seems like....FOREVER! I'd always had trouble finding the perfect shoe and now I have more of an idea on why and how to fix that problem, or better yet I'll know what kind of shoe I need the next time I buy a pair. Hope this helps you guys and takes a load off the "Uh oh, I'm thinking about how weird I walk again" mentality :)
@sophiamor Glad that helped ^^ and I have actually yet to try it since it was night over here when I found out about this
@SakuraBlossom96 Ah that makes sense. Since the foot print will show if your arch touches the floor or not! I have a very high arch!
@galinda Basically fill a shallow pan, not completely of course, with water, insert your foot into the pan flatly and place your footprint on a surface such as a grocery bag or Towle to see your foot print and depending on your result you can tell the kind of foot shape you have. For further inquiries just refer to the link
How do I take it?