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Rainbow just came back with a totally different style than I am used to. I am a huge fan of their cutesy stuff like 'Tell Me' and 'Sunshine' so I was shocked to see a lacy, black and white concept that is honestly a little spooky.
But, as true Rainbow fashion, it's catchy as hell and I already can't get it out of my head. Definitely give it a listen!
The "It's perfect" at the end is totally creepy. I think they did a great job with this concept!
There's a lot of butt wiggle going on.
I'm not entirely sure wether I like this song or not, I totally agree with @kpopandkimchi the butt dance was strange, I think if I hear this a few more times I'll possibly love it :)
I'm glad you told me to stay to the end haha that was freaky!
That butt dance is a little weird, not going to lie haha