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I see you in my class everyday and I had you on my mind while the stress sway my mind back and forth, sometimes feeling like I need to abort the mission, but When I see you walk in the class, it gives me an incentive to work more than what I do, have my eyes glued to the lecture notes and listen to everything, even when the professor quotes his favorite person, trying to end class and close the curtains so we can see if we catch the bus before it leaves, all of sudden my heart is beating, pounding, thumping, jumping out my chest because when I see you it doesn't ever rest, all the anxiety that's kicking in mildly like a sudden mental panic attack, I'm doing my best to control it but I can't help that, I'm freaking out in my mind, life is blind with surprises but since then it's been a couple of weeks, it's time rise to the occasion, I got my mind set to go and put on a show,now I know that I can approach you at the bus stop or in class, I've built up some courage to make that move, I want to see how you groove, you are a beautiful diamond piece and it's time to be smooth and see how you do.
Thanks @hikaymm and @fallingwater for the encouragement. Its always appreciated. Also thanks @Greggr, I do my best to flow the emotions in the poetry.
Gather up your courage and go! This totally shows you're ready :D
Looks like you're on the right track....go get her!!!
This is nice--it flows well, it moves through the emotions the author is experiencing, and it gets to a point where the writer has made a decision to continue forward!