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I've posted about jailers' incompetence before, but with news of a riot of over 2,000 inmates in a Texas jail, the issue has come to my mind again.
The story is basically this: at a privately run jail in Texas, over 2,000 inmates have joined together to take control of part of the prison, because they do not believe they are being afforded the proper medical attention. While the inmates are now compliant and will be moved to other jails (apparently, there was damage done to this one), that doesn't solve the issue of why this riot started.
According to the article I linked above, the cause of the riot was as follows:

"Management & Training Corp., the private contractor that operates the center for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, said about 2,000 inmates became disruptive Friday because they're upset with medical services and refused to perform work duties."
The problem I see here all basically comes down to this: privately run prisons have become a corporate machine just trying to make money. They began cutting corners with medical services to save them money, and the prisoners suffered because of it and planned a riot.
Not only is it disgusting that these prisoners felt they needed to riot because they weren't being given the ability to get proper medical service, but they are also all low-level prisoners who are mostly illegal immigrants serving time for very small crimes (like jay walking, or driving without a license) before they will be deported. I found out that in the past, there have been studies done that show it would be very inexpensive to deport these immigrants, but it seems Congress and jails have made a corporate business of detaining them. Check out the chart below: it shows just how much money is spent yearly IN THE BILLIONS on detaining illegal immigrants. It's disgusting, really.

Anyways, any thoughts on this riot? Though it's over now, it's a sign of an area of our world that really needs change.
@darcysdiary If we just are going to get rid of people, there's no reason for a reformation system at all. Doens't make sense to me.
I meant the killers and child molesters. The system is broken in so many ways. maybe this riot will get them the healthcare they need. hopefully.
Regardless of all that, I'm pretty sure that the issue of the riot AKA no healthcare for prisoners should be changed, that would fix at least this riot issue.....
@darcysdiary Somehow, I don't think their families would appreciate that, considering they have homes and family elsewhere...none of these people committed any serious crimes other than wanting to live in this country, and maybe jaywalking or something like that. All low-level crimes; less than 1-2 year sentences in most cases, I believe.
Can't we just funnel all the inmates to the moon for exploration? Or Mars? Expensive as hell, but they'd be productive AND mankind would get some fast-track info we've been talking about since Sputnik @amog32
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