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Take notes my dear. This is how you set a table that invokes old-world charm, utilizes gold nicely and stays within budget. And of course, by now you all should know that 10% of your budget will go toward your tablescapes.
Don't get all crazy, the pictures you see here are not from a real wedding. This was completely staged for an inspirational wedding shoot, "Rose Gold Opulence." Props go to Solano 888 Productions for creating the stunning tablescape and to i68 Photography for capturing the grandeur so beautifully.
Gold can be so tricky. It can come off as cheap, gaudy, even grotesque, if it's not done properly. Nancy, of Solano 888 Productions was wise to pair the gold elements on the table with a sheer off-white lace with gold thread detail.
Look at the gradation of the gold; from the almost-silver finish to a dark blackish-gold at the center of the table, this keeps the table from being too heavy with dark gold, which can be distracting. The center columnar pieces are majestic in that there is more than one design at play. She mixed chandelier candelabras (without flowers) with just-as-ornate display pedestals (holding a compact festoon of florals).
Another thing done right, when you have candelabras, put candles in them. Besides looking bizarre, it looks like you forgot them. The candles on the table are just as diverse as the flower holders. There are mixed shapes--though simple--that are doing as they are told. Holding candles. Holding flowers. Pretty simple.
For a round 60" table you would keep the same elements, but in different proportions. For instance, you'd get a larger candelabra at the center with smaller pedestals of flowers. Or you could nix the pedestals altogether and place the candelabra on a pedestal amidst a festoon of florals. Tons of options.

Budget Bottom-line:
$40 Candelabras (rented) $50 Pedestals (rented)

$60 Flowers
$20 Candles $100 Chivari (rented) $54 Misc (20% of itemization)
= $324 (per table)
Considering you have 15 tables at $312 each, that's $4,860, which is less than $5000. Remember, your tablescape budget should account for 10 percent of your wedding budget. It's okay to go higher, but you must make adjustments elsewhere.

Yes @noonmarez. You have a couple options. 60" or 72" round tables. 60" will seat 8-10 and 72" will seat 10-12 guests. If you've got 120 people, then I'd go for 72" tables to save on money since you only need 10 tables instead of 12. But...keep in mind that it's a larger table. Therefore, your tablescape centerpiece will have to be more substantial to keep the proportions. I am glad to discuss further here or on private message. Up to you @noonmarez.
This design is remarkable. Totally professional. In Love.
The pink Chiavari are heavenly @nixonwoman. Love the chandelier candelabras.
If I was going to do round tables then this would work too?
I could totally see myself with this kind of wedding but with a tiffany blue vibe.
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