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My Quiver

My quiver. From left to right: *Sector 9 w/ Paris trucks on Seismic Hot Spot Wheels *(2) Five Mile Piper boards, 1 set up w/ Atlas trucks on Sector 9 Slick Shoes *Five Mile Widowmaker w/ Atlas trucks, Venom bushings on Swiss Ceramic Bearings and Divine Street Slayer wheels *Five Mile Lady Liberty (no setup) *32" Sector 9 Cruiser w/ Gullwing SidewinderII trucks on green Sunset Flare LED wheels *Powell Peralta Caballero re-issue w/ 10" Independent trucks on Powell Peralta wheels *Sector 9 Pintail w/ Gullwing Mission1 trucks on Sunset Flare LED wheels (laying down, back) *1976 Z Flex w/Z Flex trucks on Z Flex wheels (laying down, front)
Pied pipper and lady liberty all day!
That's a lot of boards. Why'd you get two Five Mile Piper boards? Because they were going out of business or you just really like that model?
Geez man! You got a thing for 5 mile huh?
Lol as soon as you can, let me know(;@indisdad78
mikerosa92, I got two Pipers (and a second Lady Liberty on the way) because Five Mile is no longer a company and I really like their boards. As the first ones get damaged I'll have a replacement. Also, I'm getting them at an unbelievable discount. a discount I was told not to speak about our I'll lose it. ... but it's a killer, impassable deal. Plus, I have discovered that I prefer different set ups for different conditions. Having a good arsenal allows me to choose:)
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