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I've been through the gentle hills of Temecula and Murrieta. I've wine-tasted at a couple of the many wineries. I've smelled the thick aromas of eucalyptus and pepper trees there as well. In another card I wrote about using non-flowery plants for wedding. You can check that out here.
But I wanted to share this real wedding with you so you can see what the reception looks like using succulents and eucalyptus. Sure, there are a few flowers tucked here and there, but it's so sparce, the over-arching look is very plant-based.
The varieties of eucalyptus are a plenty. In the bride's bouquet there is silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus. The vignettes and centerpieces consisted of thick succulents darting in and out of wound eucalyptus and sitting solitary in vintage brass candlesticks. Keeping things simple with that just-pulled-from-the-garden look makes this a sweet BoHo garden wedding any bride would love.
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Great tablescape design. Kudos.
3 years ago·Reply
Lovely in every way. I'd love to see this with a bright pop of color someplace. Like a green that is chartreuse or something like that.
3 years ago·Reply
YES! @darcysdiary. Or even like a tiny bit of fuchsia. Just something to freshen it up without weighing it down.
3 years ago·Reply
Great idea of adding a pop of color. That would look great.
3 years ago·Reply
I love the comments about pops of color. It'd be great to see that also.
3 years ago·Reply